Crisis Management

“Better to be prepared than sorry” – Actively managing crises is better in every phase than relying on the principle of “hope”.

Our structured apporach helps organizations to manage difficult times for effective and efficient recovery.

The root cause of an acute crisis very often emerges from an evolution of problems that originates from normative positioning of the organization in an every changing business environment.

The need to act may not be seen in such an early phase but only when problems cannot be managed with alternative means. In such phase, the degree of freedom to act is quite restricted.

In an urgent crisis, we help our clients with hands-on measures e.g. to stabilize liquidity in a restructuring situation incl. stopping liquidity drain, with setting-up self-determined pre-insovency recovery programs (e.g. in Germany ESUG procedures).

A structured approach comprises of

  1. Prevention
  2. Early detection
  3. Iintervention
  4. Retrospective

Not only structural measures are important (e.g. risk and compliance management systems), but also the risk and corporate culture.

Targeted measures are developed for your organization’s situation on the basis of comprehensive experience and “best practice”.