Process and Cost Optimization, Lean, SAP 4 HANA Readiness

“Get it right first time” – Avoiding waste through consistent application of lean methods and at the same time increasing quality, customer and employee satisfaction is not magic! Our typical approach looks like this:
1. delimitation of the application area, identification of the process owners
2. self-assessment of the process owners
3. reflection of the identified process based on best practice
4. validation workshop: validation of the optimization potential, prioritization in the process heatmap, implementation and backlog generation
5. Process recording of the prioritized processes, systems and data structures and consistent (partly automated) recording / documentation
6. Development of the need for adaptation to LEAN processes
7. Feasibility check
8. Cost-benefit analysis, business case with aggregated financial and qualitative effects.

In many cases, the upcoming S4H (SAP) change confronts SAP customers with very big challenges (not only in IT): since the business logic changes fundamentally, e.g. in the area of FICO, it is necessary to transfer the existing processes into suitable target processes