Digitization and automation

“Realizing the need to transform in the digital age is not the issue, it is using models from the past.” The new technologies such as Robot Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain etc. can only develop their full potential if the context is right. We help you to quickly find these “sweet spots”. Via training courses on digitization in specific specialist areas, e.g. finance, receivables management, controlling, HR. We often proceed in a similar way to process optimization as follows:

1. Delimitation of the application area
2. Self-assessment by those responsible for the process
3. Challenging based on best practice
4. Validation and prioritization of the optimization potential
5. Detailed recording of the prioritized processes, systems and data structures
6. Elaboration of the need for adaptation using automation technology
7. Feasibility check
8. Cost-benefit analysis, business case with aggregated financial and qualitative effects.