Dr. Vieweg Consulting offers the efficient implementation of your improvement project

Providing two decades of management experience from industry and public institutions, we know the issues first-hand. As a proven network of renowned partners, we stand for successful systemic change management that makes companies economically viable, socially and environmentally sustainable in the long term.

In our consulting, coaching and training, we offer the following services:

Securing liquidity

Services – Sustainable SCM

Services – Process & Cost Optimization, Lean, S4H

Services – Program / Project Management

Services – Digital Transformation Management

Securing Liquidity

Maintain / regain liquidity

“Cash is King!” –
The significance of this statement is particularly evident for medium-sized companies in times of crisis.
Here, fast and custom-fit solutions are in demand.
We analyze for your company
1. the economic framework conditions,
2. the revenue and expense areas,
3. the working capital performance,
4. develop management options and control instruments,
5. set up a solid financial planning and
6. develop a liquidity-securing action plan.

Crisis Management

  • Prevention
  • Early detection
  • Intervention
  • Retrospective

“Better to be prepared than sorry” – Actively managing crises is better in every phase 1. prevention
2. early detection
3. intervention
4. retrospective
than relying on the principle of “hope”.
Not only structural measures are important (e.g. risk and compliance management systems), but also the risk and corporate culture. Targeted measures are developed for your organization’s situation on the basis of comprehensive experience and “best practice”.


In a situation of imminent crisis, not only short term measures such as (re-)estabishing liquidity, cutting costs and stabilizing operations are important. Generating and  commmunicating a convicing master plan for the way forward is crucial to gain buy-in from stakeholders and to avoid brain-drain. Based on real-life experiences, we are able to provide profound support in such difficult situations.

Agile Management – Scaling Agile

“Realizing the need to transform in the digital age is not the issue, it is using models from the past.”

Agility – implemented correctly – offers enormous advantages in a digitalized world – not only in IT, but everywhere in companies and organizations, including public administration! We help you to ensure that the transformation is not only well-intentioned, but also well done – even in a scaling environment! Increasingly, our customers rely on SAFe® (ScaledAgileFramework), which is by far the market-leading open framework. We have extensive implementation, coaching and training experience with SAFe®. Regardless of the agile methodology itself, we help organizations identify the value streams, setup the agile teams, coach in the important difference between principles and practices to achieve noticeable short-term as well as sustainable success.

Supervisory / Advisory Board Services

The professionalization of the supervisory board is crucial for the quality of its work. We provide support in areas such as digitalization, CSR, finance, and change management.

Business Process Outsourcing / Shared Services Center / Carve-Ins / Carve-Ins / M&A

“Right sourcing” is an increasing challenge, especially for medium-sized companies with established structures. Here, it is important to find the right balance in order to be able to achieve corporate goals with and not against the company’s own workforce. Reservations must be countered by targeted change management and those affected must be made participants. Our systemic approach (the only TÜV-certified change approach) has proven itself with many clients.

CEO – CFO Advisory Services

“Finance division‘s versatile role is far more than pure financial” In the meantime, a quarter of the DAX 30 and other large companies are run by former CFOs. This underscores the expanded range of tasks. Our model very clearly shows the pioneering role in the digital age – digital empowerment is as much a duty as financial excellence. We support you with sound experience, underpinned by our own scientific research.

Digitization and automation

“Realizing the need to transform in the digital age is not the issue, it is using models from the past.” The new technologies such as Robot Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain etc. can only develop their full potential if the context is right. We help you to quickly find these “sweet spots”. Via training courses on digitization in specific specialist areas, e.g. finance, receivables management, controlling, HR. We often proceed in a similar way to process optimization as follows:
1. Delimitation of the application area
2. Self-assessment by those responsible for the process
3. Challenging based on best practice
4. Validation and prioritization of the optimization potential
5. Detailed recording of the prioritized processes, systems and data structures
6. Elaboration of the need for adaptation using automation technology
7. Feasibility check
8. Cost-benefit analysis, business case with aggregated financial and qualitative effects.

Trainings, Events (Keynotes)

We also regularly conduct (in-house) training courses on the following topics:
Agile Management – SAFe® Certificate Courses (all levels)
Change Management
Corporate Governance
Project management (agile, classic)
Risk Management

Keynote on typical topics are
Artificial Intelligence
Behavioral Risks
Change Management
Human Ressource Management
Risk management
Supervisory Board Issues

Program Management / Project Management

The right staffing of important roles such as Program Manager or Project Manager is crucial for success! We support you not only with our own experience in taking on corresponding mandates, but also work very closely with an extremely accomplished PM expert network.

Process and Cost Optimization, Lean, SAP 4 HANA Readiness

“Get it right first time” – Avoiding waste through consistent application of lean methods and at the same time increasing quality, customer and employee satisfaction is not magic! Our typical approach looks like this:
1. delimitation of the application area, identification of the process owners
2. self-assessment of the process owners
3. reflection of the identified process based on best practice
4. validation workshop: validation of the optimization potential, prioritization in the process heatmap, implementation and backlog generation
5. Process recording of the prioritized processes, systems and data structures and consistent (partly automated) recording / documentation
6. Development of the need for adaptation to LEAN processes
7. Feasibility check
8. Cost-benefit analysis, business case with aggregated financial and qualitative effects.

In many cases, the upcoming S4H (SAP) change confronts SAP customers with very big challenges (not only in IT): since the business logic changes fundamentally, e.g. in the area of FICO, it is necessary to transfer the existing processes into suitable target processes

S-SCM Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Optimization of the supply chain in terms of performance, sustainability and compliance is essential. With the help of our process and cost optimization (see Process and Cost Optimization, Lean, SAP 4 HANA Readiness) we help you to align your SC efficiently and resiliently.